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A-one grade barley produced in the finest fields of India and Asia. The firm selects the best form of barley from noted crop producing fields where immaculate farming methods are implemented. The specialty lies in exporting many flawless varieties of barley to the global shores. Both forms of barley that is pearl barley (human eatable) and regular barley (livestock feed) can be procured from us. We believe in keeping the nutritive value intact and thus wisely elect the products. Our product sports a clean and notable size of barley chosen from the latest crop. The fresh grains are packed in manifold sized bags and contain low percentage of moisture and foreign content making it ideal for exports. Bishnoi Agro India assures non compromising quality of product and reasonable rates to keep its clients at ease. Once the order is placed we affirm timely delivery of products by exporting the product through sailing vehicles. Matchless quality and unadulterated breeds of barley from noted Indian states are the forte of the company. Client satisfaction is our top priority so, for any further information or details feel free to contact us.


The array of the Indian Rice encompasses Indian Basmati Rice and Indian Non Basmati Rice to meet the specific requirements of the clients. Various national as well as international clients are placing bulk orders for the Indian Rice due to the unmatched quality, tempting aroma & taste and standard grain size. Customers are also eased with the availability of the Indian Rice packed in hygienic packed free from dust and stones. Most important of which has to be the packaging department of Bishnoi Agro India which is laced with all the modern techniques. This ensures that the freshness, aroma and flavor of rice is retained while it is packed. This guarantees that once the product reaches the consumers it would be in its freshest form. The packaging is also done in an extremely neat and tidy manner which makes the product absolutely pure when it is opened for consumption.


Durum Wheat (Hard Wheat)





We offer Non Basmati rice. Non- basmati rice comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. TYPES OF NON BASMATI RICE : (1) IDLI RICE (2) PONNY RICE (3) SONA MASOORI RICE (4) PR 11 RAW/STEAM/SELLA/GOLDEN RICE (5) IR 64 RAW/STEAM/SELLA RICE (6) IR 36 RAW/STEAM/SELLA RICE (7) IR 47 RAW/STEAM/SELLA RICE (8) 100 % BROKEN RICE (9) 50 % BROKEN RICE (10) 25 % BROKEN RICE (11) 15 % BROKEN RICE


India is 2nd largest producer of groundnut in world. In which Gujarat is 1st in production of groundnut.It is useful as oil seed; it has more oil content compare to any other seed. It is much nutrition in protein.Ground nut is very best food for human due to availability of protein with low cost. Also it is useful for get oil which is healthy in nature. Peanut can be used as massage oil to strengthen your bones and regulating brain functions too.It is taken as rich source of minerals, dietary fiber, and vitamins. It can be added to cookies and chocolates for interesting flavor and aroma.It is used to make peanut butter. TYPES OF GROUND NUT BOLD JAVA We are supplying all quality of Groundnut with shell as well as without shell.